About the Awards

About the Awards

The UK Financial Services Experience Awards are a unique daytime event dedicated to recognising and celebrating best practice in the delivery and improvement of outstanding customer experience in the Financial Services sector.

It is set to become the ultimate Awards for the financial industry and its leaders. Our aim is to recognise those organisations and professionals who put customer experience at the heart of their financial organisation and who embrace learning and improvement.

The unique format of the Awards includes live presentations during the morning to panels of independent Judges followed by an amazing Gala Awards lunch and ceremony during the afternoon.

The Awards also gives everyone the great opportunity to network with other financial sector professionals, giving them the chance to form partnerships across the world.

During the day of the Awards Finals, there will be a large variety of presentations, presented by the finalists. Many of the Finalists will opt to make their presentations open. This will give you and the members of your financial team the opportunity to learn about what others are doing in the sector by watching their presentations. Remember, you will be able to watch as many presentations as you wish. *

The presentations are Judged by a panel of independent business experts. The scoring methodology and criteria, endorsed by Cranfield School of Management, are available for all to see on this site.

Our team of Judges also provide a benchmarked feedback report two weeks after the Awards Finals. This gives the Finalists the possibility of further improving their own techniques based on the knowledge of our experts. Winners do not only gain recognition as the best in their field but benefit from a wealth of experience, learning and feedback for future personal and professional growth.