Browse the categories for the UK Financial Services Experience Awards 2017, designed for every shape and size of organization and covering an assortment of business disciplines. If you find your needs are not met by the Discipline or Sector Specific Categories, we feel certain that they will be met by the People People Categories.

Each entry into a Sector or Discipline Specific category enables you to submit one entry into a “People People” category for £139.00 plus VAT.

The categories are divided into 3 sections:

  • Sector Specific: You compete against companies in your sector
  • Discipline Specific: You are up against others who have carried out similar types of activities
  • People People: Individuals compete against each other for the prize of inspirational leader or team of the year

There are no limits on the number of categories any organisation, team or individual can ente

Categories – Making a Choice Download PDF

Sector Specific Categories

Best Business Banking

Providing banking services to SMEs or Multi-Nationals.

Best Card Processing Services

Any type of company that provides merchant accounts and payment gateways.

Best Contact Centre

Any type of financial organisation that uses contact centres to communicate with their customers.

Best Credit Card Providers

Any type of bank or company that provides customers with credit cards.

Best IFA

The role of the Independent Financial Adviser is key in the regulated environment. IFAs can be large and small organisations or associations of professionals.

Best Insurance Services

Any type of insurance provision including home, life, business, car etc.

Best Mortgages & loans

Activities related to providing customers with mortgages or personal loans, large or small.

Best Online Banking

Online banks that effectively yield no maintenance free checking, offer high interest rates and friendly free structures, including loans, interest-earning checking accounts etc.

Best Pension Services

Any type of pension scheme provider.

Best Retail Banking

Any type of banking services including savings, loans and current accounts.

Discipline Specific Categories

Best Business Change

Specific change made to the business or the business strategy, approach process etc.

Best Business Transformation

Delivery of a great customer experience through change or transformation of the organisation.

Best Customer Centric Organisation

More and more organisations are taking steps to align the needs of customers with everything they do. From putting the customer representative on the board to creating avatars to whole organisational change.

Best CX Innovation

Innovation delivered out of/ or in great customer experience.

Best Employee Engagement

Delivery of a great Customer Experience through people initiative(s).

Best New Product or Improvement

Delivery of a great customer experience through change or addition to products or services.

Best Risk Management / Consulting

Risk management is now used extensively across FS. The need to identify and mitigate risks internally and externally has never been greater. Strong risk management can lead to greater customer and stakeholder confidence.

Best Use of Insight & Feedback

Listening to customers and making high impact use of the knowledge gleaned, providing customer insight gathering and sharing services etc.

Use of Social Media

Social media is used increasingly as part of the overall cx journey, and can be pivotal in retension and engagement.

Use of Technology

Delivering great customer experience via the use of technology.

People Categories

Financial Services Professional of the Year

Who has identified and responded to an opportunity that has resulted in significant impact on customer experience and as a result, the organisation.

Financial Services Team of the Year

That has identified and responded to an opportunity resulting in significant impact on customer experience and as a result, the organisation.

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