The Categories

The Categories

The following is the list of categories for the UK Complaint Handling Awards 2018. There are categories for every shape and size of organisation and almost every aspect of complaint handling. If you find your needs are not met by the industry categories, we feel certain that they will be met by the discipline specific categories, or indeed the people people categories.

For each industry or discipline specific category entered, you have the opportunity to enter a people people category for the reduced price of £139.00 plus VAT.

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Enter before 8th September to receive our promotional entry fee of £199 + VAT! Offer ends MIDNIGHT 8th September 2017.

If you need help deciding on which category to enter, download the document below, or get in touch via email.

There are no limits on the number of categories and organisation, team or individual can enter.

The categories are divided into 3 sections:

  • Industry specific – you would be judged against companies from similar sectors
  • Discipline specific – you would be judged against companies who have carried out similar initiatives
  • People People – you would be judged against either individuals and/ or teams

There are no limits on the number of categories an organisation, team or individual can enter.

Categories - Making a Choice Download PDF

Automotive, car rental, car purchase

Car dealerships, car hire, repair, roadside assistance, car services, car leasing and rental.

Banking and investment

Any type of banking or investment services, including credit card companies and investment funds.

Contact centre

Any type of contact centre, large or small operating in the UK

Delivery & Logistics

Logistics, couriers, parcel delivery services, domestic, international, commercial and private delivery. This also includes supply management and control.

Finance & Insurance

Any type of insurance provision including home, life, business and car. Plus personal loans, lending and purchase finance.

Hospitality, leisure, transport and travel

Hotels, public houses, holidays, ski centres, cinemas, gyms, ticketing and any other providers of related services including air travel, trains and ferries, etc.

Not for profit & Charity

Any charity or service for the public good that is non profit making.

Personal entertainment and telecoms

Provision of communication services and entertainment, including telephone, mobile, technology support services, movie hire, online streaming services, online gaming and digital TV, etc.

Public services and health care

Including such services as the military, police, fire service, infrastructure(public roads, bridges and tunnels etc.), public transit, public education, along with health care and business operating within government services.


Including fast food, fine dining, branded chains, independent operators, etc.

Retail and e-commerce

Online and high street retailers including clothes, food, books, DVDs, gifts and any other retail products.


Water, electricity, gas, etc.

Digital Initiatives

The use of social media and apps to manage and capture complaints.

Product and service improvement

Using insights from customer, identifying issues, possibilities for development and delivering exceptional upgrade in quality of product or service.


New products and services based on customer insights gather through the complaint management process.

Pro-active complaint handling

Always taking action to improve the customer’s experience and outcome, anticipate the customer’s current and future needs.

Internal communication excellence and effectiveness

Best practice in effective internal communication which resulted in excellent complain handling and prevention.

Utilising consumer reviews

Organisation's capacity to consistently learn, listens carefully, enhance customer service and develop long-term customer relationships through deep understanding of good and bad reviews.

Dispute resolution professional

Master of conflict management, the one who sees the solution that makes the customer happy when no one else can. By introducing new ways to deal with complaint handling enhances the profession and sets up standards.


Passionate about leading and developing people to excel with customer satisfaction at the heart of everything he/she does.

Managing your people

Internal programs that allow teams to deliver complaint handling excellence.

Complaint team of the year

Customer Services team always willing to offer advice and assistance, handling the hardest complaints with grace. The one's customers love to call.